Colloquium: Ingrid Sagor / Alia Breitweiser

WhenMarch 03, 2017 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
WhereClassics Building, Room 113
Contact InformationDepartment of Comparative Literature
DescriptionIngrid Sagor will be talking about nonfiction, focusing on the interaction between critical and personal modes in the essai, with her project focusing on Jewish Zionism as it relates to the black civil rights movement of the mid-twentieth century. 

Alia Breitwieser will be talking about urban realism in pre-Opium War Chinese painting and literature as a strategy of representation, one that occurs throughout Chinese history and thus does not map onto the European chronology of Romanticism-Realism-Modernism.

The colloquium is a forum for free, non-hierarchical exchange of ideas among all members of the Department of Comparative Literature. The colloquium meets every first Friday of the month to discuss prospective, current, or recently finished work, with a particular focus on comparative methodology. The double presentations are limited to 20 minutes each and are delivered in an informal, conversational style—not read from paper. Each talk is followed by a 30-minute conversation, with a 10-minute tea break between the two talks.
Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in order to participate in this event should contact the event sponsor for assistance.