Claudio Sansone

Humanities Teaching Fellow
Classics 116
Ph.D., Universty of Chicago, 2021
Teaching at UChicago since 2021
Cohort Year: 2014

Claudio was born in London before moving to Rome to complete his schooling at St. Stephen’s International School, where he developed an interest in literature. He went on to earn his B.A. (Hons.) in English Literature from Trinity College Dublin in 2014, where he also received the prestigious Foundation Scholarship (Sch.), and graduated with a 1st Class Honors and a Graduation Gold Medal. He wrote his undergraduate dissertation on Ezra Pound’s multi-lingual poetics by tracing the role played by the Greek hero Palamedes in Pound’s oeuvre. There he was introduced to Old English, and later Old Norse, sparking an interest in ancient languages that then led him to Latin and Greek. He studied the classical languages at summer programs hosted by the Classics Association Ireland and Bryanston School.

Claudio began the PhD Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago in 2014, and enrolled in the joint PhD program with Classics (in the Program in Classical Languages and Literatures) in 2015. He has since also participated in several summer and interim programs hosted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Regular Member 2018-19, Summer Session 2016); the American Institute of Indian Studies (Sanskrit Summer Program); Leiden University (Summer School in Language and Linguistics 2018, 2017); Università Ca’ Foscari & Venice International University (Advanced Seminar in the Humanities 2018-19); Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (Vedic Mythology 2019); Koç University Istanbul (ANAMED Program in Ancient Anatolian Languages 2016).

Claudio’s dissertation focuses on defining a “Poetics of Unease” in the affective space that accompanies mythic discourse in ancient literature. Primary examples are drawn from several parts of the Homeric corpus, several poems amongst the Sumerian and Akkadian Gilgamesh materials, part of the Rigveda, and extracts from the Avesta. Other current research includes a book chapter on Akkadian metapoetics in propaganda texts, as well as an article on the Greek poet Lycophron and his modernist reception.



English and Italian (Native); French (Reading & Conversation); German, Spanish, Modern Greek (Reading & Research)

Premodern & Ancient

Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Avestan, Hittite (Advanced); Sumerian, Akkadian, Old Norse, Old English, Medieval French (Working Knowledge); Old Irish, Old Javanese, Bugis (Beginner).


  • Instructor, Against Interpretation: Philology at the Crossroads (Scheduled Winter 2021)
  • Instructor, Greek 201 Plato (Scheduled Fall 2020)
  • Instructor, Greek 10123 Summer Intensive
  • Instructor, Comparative Mythology: Methods and Madness (Winter 2020)
  • B.A. Preceptor Comparative Literature Department (AY 2019-20)
  • Instructor, Latin 103 (Spring 2020)
  • Drill Instructor, Latin 101-102 (Fall 2019, Winter 2020)
  • Drill Instructor, Greek 201 (Fall 2019)
  • B.A. Preceptor, Classics Department (AY 2017-18)
  • Course Assistant, Translation and Translation Theory (AY 2016-17)
  • Language Assistant, Italian, Department of Romance Languages (2016–17)



  • Assistant Coordinator. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop (Fall 2019, Winter 2020)
  • Non-Fiction Staff Member Chicago Review (Spring 2017 to Spring 2018)
  • Founder and Convener of the University of Chicago Finnegans Wake Reading Group ( (Spring 2016 to June 2017).