Michal Peles-Almagor

Classics 116

Advisor: Na’ama Rokem

Michal Peles-Almagor works on Hebrew and German-Jewish Literature. Her ongoing work on Jewish longing and belonging resulted in the article “’Here’ is a Different Place: Lieland and Hebrew Literary Space,” published in a special issue of BGU Review, A Journal of Israeli Culture (2018). The article draws connections between Israeli literature and modern German-Jewish thought and complicates the notion of homecoming. It continues a path she has begun to explore in a previous article, “Between Hope and the Abyss: Identity Crisis and Void in Nissim Aloni’s The American Princess,” published in the Hebrew journal Teatron (2012). Her dissertation entitled, “The Place of Writing: Language and Home in Twentieth Century Hebrew and German Literature,” interrogates the intertwined worlds of Hebrew and German literature in representations of the Jewish home between 1900-1939. Her MA thesis, “’Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will’: A Dramatic Reading in Agnon’s A Simple Story” is the recipient of the Dov Sadan Award (2012). Peles-Almagor is the recipient of the UC-Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2018-2019.

Subject Areas/Research Clusters/Field of Study: Modern Hebrew and German Literature

Research interests: Hebrew and Israeli Literature, 19th-and-20th century German literature, diaspora and migration studies, minority discourse, modern theater and drama.

Teaching Experience: 

University of Chicago:

Directors and Directing: Theory, Stage, Text (Lecturer, Spring 2018)

Advanced Modern Hebrew: Introduction to Hebrew Poetry (Lecturer, Spring 2017)

Jewish Literature in a Century of Transformation: 1880-1980 (Teaching Assistant, Autumn 2016)

Reading Cultures (Writing Intern, Autumn 2016)

History and Theory of Drama (Teaching Assistant, Winter 2016)

Ben Gurion University, Israel:

A Historical Introduction to Hebrew Literature in the 18th and 19th Centuries (Teaching Assistant, full year sequence 2011-2012; 2012-2013)

Sapir College, Israel:

Great Books, Big Screen (Teaching Assistant, Sparing, 2012)


MA, Hebrew Literature, Ben Gurion University, 2014

 BA, Double Major in Comparative Literature and Theater Arts, Tel Aviv University,   2006