Nic Wong

Classics 116

Subject Areas/Research Clusters/Field of Study: East Asian and Southeast Asian studies

Research interests: Transnational and diasporic Asian intellectual history; global Chinese literature; philosophical aesthetics; East/West comparative poetics; media and modernity in China and Southeast Asia

My dissertation examines how modern Southeast Asian Chinese life-writing theorized and historicized the relationship between empire, nation-state, and diaspora, through its varied positions on who counts as minority subjects, and its innovative uses of literary tradition that transact the fields of philology, history, politics, law, and translation. My prize-winning journal article, "The Imaginative Materialism of Wen in Ng Kim Chew's Malayan Communist Writing," appeared in Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 40 (2018). Recently, I conducted archival research into the Nanyang (South Seas) historian Hsu Yun-Tsiao's diaries as a Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow at the National Library, Singapore. I have published two poetry chapbooks, Zero Copula (2015) and Sea Hypocrisy (2016), with small presses in Chicago and New York, as well as individual poems and review essays in Almost Island, Asymptote, Chicago Review, Full Stop Quarterly, and Lana Turner under my pen name Zhou Sivan.

Dissertation Title: Minor-Peninsular Genres: Genealogies of Twentieth-Century Southeast Asian Chinese Writing

Workshop: Art and Politics of East Asia

Teaching Experience:

Readings in World Literature: Epic Poetry (Instructor, Fall 2017)
Intro to Comp Lit: Aesthetics and Politics in Southeast Asian Fictions (Instructor, Winter 2014)
Intro to East Asian Civ: Korea (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2015)
History and Theory of Drama I (Teaching Assistant, Fall 2014)
Intro to East Asian Civ: Vietnam (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2013)
Elementary Modern Chinese (Language Assistant, Spring 2013)

Education: BA in Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University, 2011; MA in Comparative Literature, University of Chicago, 2016