Carmine Morrow

Classics 116
Cohort Year: 2018

Carmine takes translation as a complex mode of literary production, cultural intermediation and social critique and uses it to gain perspective on transcultural modernist literary phenomena at various geographical and temporal scales. This broader understanding of translation, as a capacious mode of literary production, cultural intermediation and tool of theoretical critique allows him to approach contemporary debates on the politics of translation and world literature, and related issues in philosophy of language by way of a specialized yet diverse training in classical Chinese literature, contemporary philosophy, comparative literature, and critical theory.

Degrees and Certifications

2017 MA University of California, Davis

Department of Comparative Literature

2015 MA Fudan University

School of Philosophy

2010 BA Drake University, Iowa

Departments of Philosophy and Politics

2010 TESOL Certification, Drake University, Iowa

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


2016 Metaphorical Language in the Zhuangzi, Philosophy Compass, vol. 11.4, pp. 179-188. April 2016. Wiley Online Publishing: Sydney, Australia.

2016  Contemporary Research in Chinese Philosophy (1949-2009)[Dangdai Zhongguo Zhexue Yanjiu 当代中国哲学研究 (1949-2009)], Translator.

Edited by Guo Qiyong , Beijing Language Press, 2009; [chapters translated: 2, 4-6.], May 2016, Brill Publishing: Shanghai

2018 Zhuangzian Poetics in Qing-era Historical Fiction: Daoist Critique in Ru Lin Wai Shi 儒林外史 *In progress

2018 The Wind and Rain at Pisa: Ezra Pounds Retranslation of Dao and Reconfiguration of the Scale of The Cantos. *In progress


Mandarin 普通

Classical Chinese 古文


Teaching Experience

2017 Associate Instructor, Department of Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis

COM004 (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters): Major Books of the Contemporary World

2016 Teaching Assistant, Department of Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis

COM140 Week 5 Seminar: Daoism and Tang Dynasty Poetry

COM180 Week 6 Seminar: Hamlet and Descartes Meditations

COM005 Week 3 Lecture: The Zhuangzi as Chinese Parables?

COM005 Discussion Section Leader Weeks 1-10: Fables, Parables, Fairytales

2015 TA School of Philosophy, Fudan University

PHIL250 Wei-Jin Dynasty Xuan Xue

2014 AI School of Philosophy, Fudan University

PHIL190 Pre-Qin Dynansty Confucianism

2014 AI School of Philosophy, Fudan University

PHIL/ENG150 Academic Writing for Philosophy Majors

2011-13 Teaching Fellow, School of Humanities, Amoy (Xiamen) University

ENGL 140 English Writing and Composition

2012 Language Testing Expert, New Oriental, Fujian

SAT, IB Literature, AP History, GRE/GMAT

Course as New Foreign Teacher Trainer

2010-11 English Instructor, Guangxi Normal University/University of British Columbia

University-level English Reading Teacher in Sino-Canadian Exchange Program

Supervised Research Experience

2015 School of Philosophy, Fudan University, MA Thesis

“Metaphorical Language in the Zhuangzi: Yuyan as an Interpretive Device

2013 Humanities Department, Xiamen University, Research Fellow

First project: On Contemporary Historical Fiction of Author Mo Yan

Second project: On Qing Dynasty Historical Fiction

2010 Drake University, Undergraduate Senior Capstone Research

Department of Philosophy: Theravada Buddhism and Drake’s Mission Statement

Department of Politics: Soft Power and Economic Development

2008 Amnesty International Australia, Intern Refugee Researcher

Supervised by Politics Department at University of New South Wales

Scholarship and Fellowship Awards

2015 Provost’s FellowshipUniversity of California-Davis

Awarded to select graduate students

2013 Chinese Scholarship Council Foreign Scholar Award—Fudan University

Ministry of Education Foreign Scholar Award

2011 Sino-American Cultural Exchange Fellowship—Amoy University

Teaching fellowship requiring annual research projects

2008 Civic Contribution Essay Award—University of New South Wales

Awarded for a research essay on Australian asylum seekers

2006 President’s Scholarship—Drake University

Tuition dispensation awarded to elite students