Ingrid Sagor is the Department Administrator of Comparative Literature. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in English from Western Washington University, with an emphasis in multicultural literature, nonfiction, and critical theory. Ingrid has experience in curricular development, inclusive pedagogy and practice, marketing communications, creative content generation, and conflict mediation. Ingrid is a member of the Division of the Humanities Diversity Committee, a facilitator for Inclusion in Practice, and a UChicago Help Dean on Call and Sexual Assault Dean on Call.

You may contact Ingrid Sagor by email or phone at or 773-702-8486 for questions related to student affairs, student case management, course scheduling, crosslisting courses with Comparative Literature, faculty recruitment, international visitor requests, departmental programming and events, or questions about inclusive programming, pedagogy, and administrative policies and practices.