Publishing & Careers

Undergraduate Publishing

Publishing experience is an important complement to our undergraduate training in Comparative Literature. Undergraduate Majors in Comparative Literature are encouraged to submit their outstanding work for publication in the undergraduate journals. Please see the list of undergraduate journals below and consult with the DUS about your intent to submit and your proposed submission.

Description: "Criterion: A Journal of Literary Criticism seeks original, well-researched, and intellectually rigorous essays written from diverse critical perspectives and about texts from any time period or literary tradition."
Published by: Brigham Young University
Submission guidelines: 3000-6000 words.
Submission deadline: Submissions for the Winter 2021 issue will open in mid-December.


Digital America
Description: "An online journal that focuses on digital art and culture. Our focus remains on work that just doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. We celebrate experimental internet art that may never live in a gallery, and we look for new perspectives on popular culture, digital culture, and art."
Published by: University of Richmond
Submission guidelines: "Multi-media, film, audio, and new media pieces that engage digital art and/or culture with an eye toward the American experience."


Digital Literature Review
Description: "Our goal is to showcase the valuable contributions of hardworking, creative students from all over the world."
Published by: Ball State University
Submission guidelines: For the 2021 issue, the journal seeks "scholarly essays that consider food as a vehicle for exploring issues of inequity and empowerment, including but not limited to race, gender, class, ability, sexuality, and nationality." 2500-5000 words. 
Submission deadline:.Submissions for the 2021 issue are due by January 15, 2021


Forbes & Fifth
Description: "Unites works of research, creative writing, and scholarly articles under the banner of interdisciplinary collaboration."
Published by: University of Pittsburgh
Submission guidelines: Up to 25 pages.
Submission deadline: Two issues per year - deadlines in September/October and February.


Inquiries Journal
Description: "An open-access academic journal focused on publishing high-quality original work across a range of disciplines. In particular, our focus falls on the social sciences, arts, and humanities but we also consider pieces with broad cross-disciplinary appeal."
Submission guidelines: 1500-7000 words.


Kennesaw Tower
Description: "Our mission is to publish quality, scholarly work of advanced undergraduate students in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish."
Published by: Kennesaw State University
Submission guidelines: Writers must have taken at least one senior-level foreign-language course. 3000 words or less.
Submission deadline: September 1 for the following year's issue.


Madison Journal of Literary Criticism
Description: "A space for undergraduate students of literature to publish their scholarly work and engage in contemporary literary debates."
Published by: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Submission guidelines: 8-20 pages.


Nota Bene: Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Musicology
Description: "Seeks to publish essays of a high critical and rhetorical standard, written by undergraduate students from universities around the world. Essays in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music theory, music education, and interdisciplinary subjects with a focus on the above are invited."
Published by: Western University
Submission guidelines: Up to 4000 words.
Submission deadline: December 6, 2020


Oswald Review
Description: "The Oswald Review is the first intercollegiate undergraduate journal of criticism and research in the discipline of English. Published annually, it accepts submissions in the field of English from undergraduates in this country and abroad. A faculty member's endorsement is required."
Published by: University of South Carolina Aiken
Submission guidelines: 10-25 pages.
Submission deadline: March 1.


Proteus: The Rutgers Comp Lit Undergraduate Journal
Description: The Rugers Comp Lit Undergraduate Journal accepts papers from undergrad students engaging with, but not limited to: literary criticism, philosophy, women’s and gender studies, queer theory, critical theory, and global literature.
Submission guidelines: Papers must be between 6 and 20 double-spaced pages (size 12 font, MLA or Chicago formatting).
Submission deadline: The submission period  November 1st, 2020 to February 1st, 2021 at 11:59 PM. 
Published by: Rutgers University


Sigma Tau Delta Review
Description: "The Sigma Tau Delta Review is an annual journal that publishes critical essays on literature, essays on rhetoric and composition, and essays devoted to pedagogical issues." The best piece of writing in each category receives a $500 prize.
Published by: Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
Submission guidelines: All active undergraduate and graduate members of active Sigma Tau Delta chapters are invited to submit their work. 3000 words or less.
Submission deadline: May 10, 2021.


UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal
Description: "Showcases the best undergraduate work in comparative literature across the nation as well as highlight more contemplative writing by students regarding multicultural issues, culture shock, or transnational experiences such as studying abroad."
Published by: University of California, Berkeley
Submission guidelines: 16-60 pages.
Submission deadline: October 15.


Description: "Xchanges is an interdisciplinary Technical Communication, Writing/Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum journal, which publishes two issues annually. Our Fall issue each year features undergraduate research. Our Spring issue features graduate-student research." 
Published by: University of New Mexico
Submission guidelines: 15-25 pages.
Submission deadline: June 30 for both issues.


The Word: The Stanford Journal of Student Hiphop Research
Description: "A fresh as hell student hiphop research journal that aims to embody the founding spirit and purpose of hiphop: providing a mode of creative expression and voice to marginalized communities, inspiring activism, and making a way outta no way."
Published by: Stanford University
Submission guidelines: Research papers - 2500-6000 words. Blog posts - 250-750 words. Also accepts audio, video, or visual art files.


Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric
Description: "Publishes research and theoretical articles by undergraduates of all majors and years on the subjects of rhetoric, writing, writers, discourse, language, and related topics."
Submission guidelines: Up to 25 pages.
Submission deadline: April 8. 

Careers After Graduation

Many graduates of our program pursue Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and related subjects:

Boston College, Political Science

Cornell University, Romance Studies

CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Duke University, History

Harvard University, Comparative Literature

Louisiana State University, Comparative Literature

Pennsylvania State University, Comparative Literature

Princeton University, Comparative Literature

University of California Irvine, Comparative Literature

University of Pennsylvania, Comparative Literature & Theory

University of Pennsylvania, Political Science

University of Southern California, Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture