Michal Peles Almagor
Dissertation: "Writing at the Threshold: Language and Home in Twentieth Century Hebrew and German Literature" (2020)
Position: Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at the Hebrew University Postdoctoral Fellow

Sam Lasman
Dissertation: "Dragons, Fairies and Time: Imagining the Pastin Medieval Welsh, Persian and French Narratives" (2020)
Position: University of Chicago Humanities Teaching Fellow

Ana Ilievska
Dissertation: "The Machine in the Novel: Fictional Human-Machine Interactions at the European Periphery (1870-1914)" (2020)
Position: University of Chicago Humanities Teaching Fellow

Nicholas Yoke Hin Wong
Dissertation: “Minor-Peninsular Genres: Genealogies of Twentieth-Century Southeast Asian Chinese Writing” (2019)
Position: Society of Fellows in the Humanities, the University of Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Fellow

Tristan Bates
Dissertation: "Spatializing the Neoliberal Turn: Turkish Novels of the Long 1980s" (2016)
Position: Promotions Assistant at the University of Chicago Press

Brian Berry
Dissertation: "The Divided Skeptic: Samuel Beckett's Parody and Stanley Cavell's Interpretation of Philosophical Skepticism” (2016)
Position: Labor rights non-profit Working America (AFL-CIO) and brand strategy at the marketing startup FCB Chicago

Monica Felix
Dissertation: "Aesthetic Deception and Topoi of Memory in the Romantic Imagination" (2017).                                          
Position: Museum and Collections Manager at DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

Adhira Mangalagiri
Dissertation: "At the Limits of Comparison: Literary Encounters between China and India in the Colonial World" (2017)
Position: Lecturer, (permanent position, equivalent to Assistant Professor), Department of Comparative Literature, Queen Mary University of London

Mollie McFee
Dissertation: "Aspirational Nations: Language, Intimacy, and Twentieth-Century Caribbean Culture" (2017)
Position: Promotions Assistant at the University of Chicago Press

Shengyu Wang
Dissertation: "Chinese Enchantment: Reinventing Pu Songling's Classical Tales in the Realm of World Literature, 1880-1920" (2017)
Position: Lecturer of Writing and World Literature at Wenzhou-Kean University

Kathryn Swanton
Dissertation: "More Human than Divine: The Communality of Forgiveness in Shakespeare's Later Plays and Golden Age Comedias" (2015)

Chandani Patel
Dissertation: "Crossing the Dark Waters: Minor Narratives, Transnational Subjects, and Alter-histories of the African/Indian Ocean" (2015)
Position: Director for Global Diversity Education at NYU

Haitham Ibrahim
Dissertation: "Worlds Unbound: Cybernetics and the Arabesque in Thomas Pynchon and Frank Herbert" (2014)
Position: Lecturer in the College, University of Chicago

Vincent Joshua Adams
Dissertation: "Skepticism and Impersonality" (2014)
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the University of Louisville
Publications: "'Hearing the Tone of the Self: Towards an Alternative Ethics of Translation"  nonsite no. 15 (Jan 2015).

John Stone-Mediatore
Dissertation: "Postmodernist Literature and Schizophrenia" (2013)
Position: Lecturer of Comparative Literature at Ohio Wesleyan University

Arthur Thornton
Dissertation: "Evading the Metropolis: The Inward Turn of Modern Japanese Literature" (2013)
Position: Chair, College of International Business Administration and Professor in the faculty of International Social Sciences at Yokohama National University
Publications: Book, "Form and Discontent: Natsume Soseki and the Challenge of World Literature"

Beppi Chiuppani
Dissertation: "Beyond Political Engagement? Redefining the Literary in Post-Dictatorship Brazil and Post-Apartheid South Africa" (2013)
Position: Freelance writer of fiction and essays based in Padua, Italy
Publications: Novel in Italian: Medio occidente (Middle West) (Fagnano Alto: Il Sirente 2014)

Michael Baltasi
Dissertation:  "Ethical Revivals: Discontinuities and Moral Self-Cultivation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, and Iris Murdoch" (2013)
Position: Director, Arley D. Cathey Learning Center & College Core Tutor Program, University of Chicago

Gregory Baum
Dissertation: "Mine, though Abortive: Reading and Writing Don Quixote in Seventeenth-Century England" (2013).
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University (2015); Visiting Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Indiana University (2013)
Publications: "The Absence of England in James Mabbe's The Spanish Ladies" Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 33.2 (2013)

Donald Fette
Dissertation: "Towards the Temple of Fame: Class, the Classics, and the Struggle for Distinction in the Poetry of John Keats" (2013)
Position: Assistant Professor of Writing, Arizona State University

Laura Freseman
Dissertation: "The Oriental Style in Eighteenth Century Britain" (2013)

Scott Mehl
Dissertation: "The Concept of Expression in Modern Japanese Poetics." (2013).
Position: Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature at Colgate University
Publications: "The Beginnings of Japanese Free Verse and the Dynamics of Cultural Change." Japan Review (2015)

Marta Napiorkowska

Dissertation: "The Perduring Sublime: The Poetics of Post-Sublime Recovery in the Poems and Poetics of Adam Zagajewski, Miroslav Holub, and Allen Grossman” (2013)
Position: Upper School English Teacher, St. Mark’s School of Texas, Dallas
Publications: “The Perduring Grotesque in Dorota Masłowska’s Wojna Polsko-Ruska pod Flagą Biało-czerwoną.”  The Polish Review 51.3/4 (2006)
Translations: “Leopold Buczkowski: What is Not a Dialogue?”  The Republic of Letters 17 (2007); “The Unknown Diaries of Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz” The Republic of Letters 16 (2006)

Dustin Simpson
Dissertation: "Modern Poetry and Poetic Pleasure" (2013)
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Humanities, Reed College 

Melissa Anderson
Dissertation: "Pathological Relations: Heredity, Sexual Selection, and Family in the Victorian Novel" (2012)
Position: Assistant Professor, Campus Engagement and Research Services Librarian at Southern Oregon University

Theresa Semler
Dissertation: "Bare Life and Metamorphic Being: Nazi Propaganda, Agamben, Coetzee and Kafka" (2012)
Position: Manager, Change Management, Commerzbank AG

Katarzyna (Kasia) Bartoszynska

Dissertation: "Distant Realities: Fictionality in Polish and Irish Literature" (2011)
Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of English, Monmouth College (2015); Affiliated Researcher, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Chicago; Visiting Assistant Professor at Bilkent University in the Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas (2011-2014)
Select Publications: “Sincerely Ironic: Romance at the Edges of Europe,” in Where Motley is Worn: Transnational Irish Literature, edited by Moira Casey and Amanda Tucker. Cork University Press: 2014. “Persuasive Ironies: Utopian Readings of Swift and Krasicki,” Comparative Literature Studies, 50.4 (2013). “Adam Smith’s Problems: Sympathy in the National Tale,” New Hibernia Review, 17.3 (2013).

Dongfeng Xu
Dissertation: "The Concept of Friendship and the Culture of Hospitality: The Encounter Between the Jesuits and Late Ming China" (2011)
Position: Assistant Professor of Chinese, Colgate University

Jonathan Ullyot
Dissertation: "The Quest to Fail: Kafka, Céline, Beckett." (2010)
Position: Full-Time Instructor in the Humanities Core, University of Chicago Humanities Core
Select Publications: The Medieval Presence in Modernist Literature: The Quest to Fail (Cambridge University Press, 2016); “Molloy or Le Conte du Graal,” Modern Philology, 108.4 (May 2011);“Kafka’s Grail Castle,” German Quarterly, 83.4 (November 2010); “Adorno’s Comment c’est,” Comparative Literature, 61.4 (Fall 2009)

Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud
Dissertation: "Illiberal Arts: Orientalism and the Juridical Imaginary of Romanticism" (2010)
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Publications: Radical Orientalism: Rights, Reform, and Romanticism (Cambridge University Press, 2015); “On Octopussies, or the Anatomy of Female Power,” differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 23:1 (Spring 2012); “Becoming Corsairs: Byron, British Property Rights and Orientalist Economics,” Studies in Romanticism 50:4 (2011)

Lauren J. Silvers
Dissertation: "Psychological Subjectivity and the Aesthetics of Reading in the Symbolist Literary Era (1880-1905)" (Spring 2010)
Position: Assistant Professor in the Humanities, Harper Post-Doctoral Fellow, Society of Fellows, 2010-2014 at the University of Chicago

Valerie Levan
Dissertation: Forbidden Enlightenment: Self-Articulation and Self-Accusation in the Works of Yu Dafu (1896-1945) (2010)
Position: University of Chicago: Instructor in the Humanities Core; Fellowship writing consultant for Graduate Student Affairs

Rebecca Handler-Spitz
Dissertation: "Diversity, Deception, and Discernment in the Late Sixteenth Century: A Comparative Study of Li Zhi’s Book to Burn and Montaigne’s Essays" (2009)
Position:  Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures at Macalester College (2015); Assistant Professor of Chinese at Middlebury College (previously)

Jeffrey A. Rufo
Dissertation: “Channel Crossings: Representing French Politics in the Historical Drama of England, 1587–1610” (2009)
Position: Assistant Professor of English at Trinity University, Texas
Publications: “La Tragédie politique: Antoine de Montchrestien’s La Reine d’Ecosse”, Modern Philology 111 (2014): 437-56

Wing Sze Leung
Dissertation: "Aesthetic Feeling, Moral Judgement and Poetic Language: Kant's and Wordsworth's Responses to Rousseau" (2008)
Position: Lecturer at the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore

Andrea Scott
Dissertation: "Lyric Diplomacy: Cold War Poetics in the United States and West Germany, 1945-1955" (2008)
Position: Assistant Professor of Academic Writing and Director of the Writing Center, Pitzer College
Karen A. Pagani
Dissertation: "Forgiveness in the Age of Reason: Fénelon, Voltaire, Rousseau and Staël" (2008)
Position: Assistant Professor of French Literature in the Department of French and Italian, University of Texas at Austin
Publications: Man or citizen : anger, forgiveness, and authenticity in Rousseau  (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015)

Kimberly Lewis
Dissertation: "Versions of Engagement: A Journal, the Novel, and Postwar Italy and France" (2007)
Position: IHUM Post-doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

Jeanne Britton
Dissertation: "Sympathy and the Novel: Shared Sentiment in Britain and France, 1750-1850 " (2007)
Position:  Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections (tenure-track), University of South Carolina (2014-present)

Robert Huddleston
Dissertation: "Radicals and Realists: British Poetry from Auden to Heaney" (2006)
Position: Lecturer in the Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Sciences, New York University
Select Publications: poems and translations in Chicago Review 54.3 (Spring 2009); Podium and New Mexico Poetry Review

Marat Grinberg
Dissertation: "Constructing Jewish Texts in Russian Literature: The Cases of Mandelshtam, Brodsky, and Slutsky" (2006)
Position: Associate Professor of Russian and Humanities, Reed College
Select Publications: Woody on Rye: Jewishness in the Films and Plays of Woody Allen.  Edited with Vincent Brook (Brandeis University Press, 2013); "I am to be read not from left to right, but in Jewish: from right to left": The Poetics of Boris Slutsky (Academic Studies Press, 2013)

Robyn L. Schiffman
Dissertation: "Werther and the End of Epistolarity, 1774-1824" (2006)
Position: Dean of Liberal Arts at College of DuPage
Select Publications: “Werther and the Epistolary Novel.” European Romantic Review 19.4 (October 2008): 421-438; "Review Essay: Psychological Criticism on Dickens, 1982-2001." Dickens Studies Annual 33 (2003): 351-65; "Wax-Work, Clock-Work, and Puppet-Shews: Bleak House and the Uncanny."Dickens Studies Annual 30 (2001): 159-71.

Robert T. Kendrick
Dissertation: "Ancient Epics, Renaissance Translations" (2005)
Position: Assistant Professor in English and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota

Tanya Fernando
Dissertation: "Shock: Modernist Scenes of Encounter" (2005)
Position: Assistant Professor of English, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Select Publications: "The Distance from 'Primitivism,'" in Third Text 2000.

James Barron
Dissertation: "The American Reception of Henryk Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis?"(2005)
Position: Teacher of History and Classics at Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA.
Select Publications: 1)"Zygmunt Krasinski's 'The Un-Divine Comedy': Romantic Ideology as Revolutionary Criticism." Proceedings of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850, 1992; 2)"Prayer, Study, and the Life of Withdrawal from the World." Dominican Monastic Search, Vol.11, 1992; 3)"Understanding Enclosure in Contemporary Society." Dominican Monastic Search, Vol. 15, 1996.

Dan Russek
Dissertation: "Literature and Photography in the Works of Julio Cortázar, Salvador Elizondo and Tomás Eloy Martínez" (2004)
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Select Publications: Textual Exposures: Photography in Twentieth Century Latin American Narrative Fiction (University of Calgary Press, 2015); "From Buñuel to Eimbcke Orphanhood in Recent Mexican Cinema." Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain and Latin America. Children and Adolescents in Film. Eds. Carolina Rocha and Georgia Seminet. New York: Palgrave McMillan, 2012. 135-150; "Writing on the Walls: Exploring Julio Cortazar's Textual Cities," in Proceedings of the New Cities New Media Conference (University of Southern California: 2003); "Verbal/Visual Braids: On the Photographic Medium in the Work of Julio Cortázar," Mosaic 37 (2004); "Ekphrasis and the Contest of Representations in La Novela de Perón (1985) by Tomás Eloy Martínez," in Double Exposure: Photography and Literature in Latin America, ed. Marcy Schwartz and Mary Beth Tierney-Tello (The University of New Mexico Press: 2005)

Charles M. Cooney
Dissertation: "Transplantation and Transformation: French-American Literary Exchange from 1920-2000" (2004)
Position: Currently working in humanities computing, building index rich, full text searchable databases for Alexander Street Press.

Yiqun Zhou
Dissertation: "Kin and Companions: Gender and Sociability in Ancient China and Greece" (2004)
Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Asian Languages, Stanford University
Select Publications: Festivals, Feasts, and Gender Relations in Ancient China and Greece (Cambridge University Press, 2010). "Virtue and Talent: Women and Fushi in Early China." Nan Nu 5.2 (2003): 1-42; "The Hearth and the Temple: Mapping Female Religiosity in Late Imperial China, 1550-1900." Late Imperial China 24.2 (2003): 109-155.

Jochem Riesthuis
Dissertation: "Blacks and Exiles: African American and German Exiled Authors 1933-1952"(2004)
Position: Lecturer English Dept. of The Vrije Unversiteit Amsterdam; Previous position in administration at the local polytechnic in Zwolle, (Netherlands), a city founded in the 12th century

Sharlyn Rhee
Dissertation: "Nation, Post-War Identity, and Poetics in Ingebor Bachman and Hwang Chiu" (2003)
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Michael Syrimis
Dissertation: "Through a 'Futuristic' Lens: Aesthetics of Technology and Film in the Works of Gabriele D'Annunzio and F.T. Marinetti, 1909-1920" (2003)
Position: Associate Professor and Departmental Chair, Department of French and Italian, Tulane University
Select Publications: The Great Black Spider on Its Knock-Kneed Tripod: Reflections of Cinema in Early Twentieth-Century Italy (University of Toronto Press, 2012).

Rosana Kohl Bines
Dissertation: "Post-Shoah Identity Between Languages" (2001)
Position: Assistant Professor, Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Literature and Language Department (August 2005 - August 2006 - renewable every year). February 2006 hired as researcher at the Cátedra Unesco de Leitura/PUC-Rio (Unesco Chair on reading/PUC-Rio), a pioneer project in Latin America for disseminating reading practices through the creation of a web site with on-line service for readers.
Select Publications:1) "Cotejando a dor: narrativas da barbarie" (Contrasting the Pain: Narratives of Barbarism) in Literatura e Comparativismo. Ana Lucia de Souza Henriques (Ed.) Rio de Janeiro: Eduerj, 2005. 2) "O Golem Revisitado" (The Golem revisited) in Revista 18. Centro da Cultura Judaica. Year III, Number 10, Dez/Jan/Feb, 2005. 3) "A prosa desbocada do ilustre escritor estrangeiro" (The Distinguished Foreign Writer's Cursing Language) in Experiencia cultural judaica no Brasil: recepcao, inclusao e ambivalencia. Monica Grin and Nelson Vieira (Eds.), Rio de Janeiro: Topbooks, 2004.

Joshua Phillips
Dissertation: "Properties of the Mind: Prose Fiction and Intellectual Property in Sixteenth-Century England" (2001)
Position: Department Chair, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, University of Memphis
Select Publications: English Fictions of Communal Identity, 1485-1603. Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2010
“Idleness and Monasticism in Spenser’s Late Poetry,” SEL, Winter 2014.
“Labors Lost: The Work of Devotion in Tudor England,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 44:1, Winter 2014, pp. 45-68.
“Review Essay: Early Modern Community,” Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies, 13.3, Summer 2013, pp. 151-165.

Daniel H. Foster
Dissertation: "The Hellenization of Politics: Wagner's Ring Cycle and the Greeks" (2001)
Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Theater Studies, Duke University
Select Publications: Wagner’s Ring Cycle and the Greeks (Cambridge University Press, 2010). "Performance Communities: Franz Schubert's Die Winterreise and the British Romantics," in Inventing the Individual: Romanticism and the Idea of Individualism (Provo: Brigham Young University, 2002), ed. Larry H. Peer, pp. 87-104; "Music Drama or Music Parody? The Operatic Chorus in Richard Wagner's Götterdämmerung ," Text and Presentation 22 (2002); review of Frederic Spotts' Bayreuth: A History of the Wagner Festival, in Qui Parle 10-1 (1998): 113-118.

Cynthia Klestinec
Dissertation: "Theatrical Dissections and Dancing Cadavers: Andreas Vesalius and Sixteenth-Century Anatomy's Engagement with Popular Culture" (2001) 
Position: Associate Professor, Department of English and Interim Director of University Honors Program, Miami University, OH; previously Assistant Professor, Department of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta) tenure-track, 2002; previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin (2000-2001) and a lectureship at Harvard in the History and Literature concentration (2001-2002).
Select Publications: Theaters of Anatomy: Medical Students, Teachers, and Traditions of Dissection in Renaissance Venice, Johns Hopkins, 2011. "A History of Anatomy Theaters in Padua," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, July 2004.

Stefani Brooke Engelstein
Dissertation: "Organs of Meaning: The 'Natural' Human Body in Literature and Science of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries" (2001)
Position: Associate Research Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages & Literature at Duke University (current) Associate Professor of German, Dept. of German and Russian Studies University of Missouri, Columbia (past)
Select Publications:
Contemplating Violence: Critical Studies in Modern German Culture.  Co-editor with Carl Niekerk.  Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik 79.  Rodopi Press.  2011.
Anxious Anatomy: The Conception of the Human Form in Literary and Naturalist Discourse.  Series: Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century.  SUNY Press.  Hardcover 2008.  Paperback 2009.
“The Allure of Wholeness: The Organism around 1800 and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate.” Critical Inquiry.  39.4 (2013): 754-776.
“Sibling Logic; or, Antigone Again.”  PMLA.  126.1 (Jan 2011): 38-54.
“The Open Wound of Beauty: Kafka Reading Kleist.” The Germanic Review.  81.4.  (Fall 2006): 340-359.
“Out on a Limb: Military Medicine, Heinrich von Kleist and the Disarticulated Body.” German Studies Review.  23.2 (May 2000): 225-244.  Awarded the DAAD Best Article Prize of the German Studies Association.

Hulya Adak
Dissertation: "Intersubjectivity: Halide Edib or The "Ottoman/Turkish (Woman)" as the Subject of Knowledge," (2001)
Position: Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Sabancı University & Humboldt Fellow at the Freie Universitaet Berlin
Select Publications: Editor: Hundert Jahre Türkei: Zeitzeugen erzählen (Zürich: Unionsverlag, 2010); Editor,Türkische Frauen erzählen von Frausein, Begehren und Liebe (Berlin: Orlanda, 2009). "National Myths and Self-Na(rra)tions: Mustafa Kemal's Nutuk and Halide Edib's Memoirs and The Turkish Ordeal," South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 102, nos. 2-3 (forthcoming Spring/Summer 2003): 511-529

Francisco Ortega
Dissertation: " Anxieties of Trauma: Representations of Disaster in Colonial and Contemporary Latin America. An Essay in Catastrophic Reading" (2001)
Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of History, Universidad Nacional de Bogotá, Colombia
Select Publications: A couple of articles on colonial Latin American culture.

Nicole Elise Lassahn
Dissertation: "Songes...qui ne sont mie mençongier": Historical Content and Fictional Truth in Dream Poetry from the Time of the Hundred Years War (2001)
Position: Administrator at the Université Pierre Mendes-France in Grenoble
Select Publications: "Literary Representations of History in Fourteenth Century England: Shared Technique and Divergent Practice in Chaucer and Langland," Essays in Medieval Studies 17 (2000): 49-64; "Verit historique et verit fictionelle dans le Voir-Dit de Guillaume de Machaut," in Comme mon coeur desire: Etudes sur Guillaume de Machaut (Paradigme Press, 2001), pp. 257-280; "French Studies: Late Medieval Literature," The Years Work in Romance and Celtic Languages and Literatures 63 (2001).

Peter Zusi
Dissertation: "The Present "As It Really Is": Historicism and the Theory of the Avant-Garde" (2001)
Position: Lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies and School of Arts & Social Sciences, University College London
Select Publications: "Tendentious Modernism: Karel Teige's Path to Functionalism." Forthcoming in Slavic Review (Winter 2009); "Toward a Genealogy of Modernism: Herder, Nietzsche, History." In Modern Language Quarterly 67.4 (December 2006): 505-525; "'Wie ein Kind ist unser Volk': Hybrid Identity and National Consciousness in Rilke's Zwei Prager Geschichten." In The German Quarterly 79.3 (Summer 2006): 329-346; "'Kein abgefallenes Blatt ohne Wirkung geblieben': Organicism and Pluralism in Herder's Metaphorics of Culture." In Sabine Groß and Gerhard Sauder, eds., Der frühe und der späte Herder: Kontinuität und/oder Korrektur (Synchron Verlag, 2007): 89-97; "The Style of the Present: Karel Teige on Constructivism and Poetism." Representations 88 (Fall 2004): 102-124; "Echoes of the Epochal: Historicism and the Realism Debate." Comparative Literature 56.3 (Summer 2004): 207-226.

Corinne Scheiner
Dissertation: "Bilingualism and Biculturalism in Self-Translation: Samuel Beckett and Vladimir Nabokov as Doubled Novelists" (2000)
Position: Maytag Professor of Comparative Literature, Colorado College
Select Publications:  "2014 Report on the Undergraduate Comparative Literature Curriculum," American Comparative Literature Association's Report on the State of the Discipline.
“Self-Translation.”  Samuel Beckett in Context.  Ed. Anthony Uhlmann.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.  370-380.
“Teaching Lolita with Lepidoptera.”  Approaches to Teaching Lolita.  Ed. Zoran Kuzmanovich and Galya Diment.  New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2008.  49-54.
“2005 Report on the Undergraduate Comparative Literature Curriculum.”  Profession (2006): 177-197. “Teleiopoiesis, Telepoesis, and the Practice of Comparative Literature.”  Comparative Literature 57:3 (Summer 2005): 239-245.

Dawn Marlan
Dissertation: "The Ends of Seduction, or, Libertines, Respectable Folks, Vampires, and Harassers" (2000)
Position: Lecturer in Comparative Literature and in German and Scandinavian at the University of Oregon in Eugene.
Select Publications: creative non-fiction, essays and reviews in: PMLA, Modernism/Modernity, The Chicago Tribune, The Oregonian, The Evergreen Review, The Atticus Review, and Smoke: a Global History of Smoking. Her first novel is a historical fiction based on a Victorian-era scandal, and current projects include “Accounting for Taste,”  a collection of personal essays about the intersections beteween personal stories and aesthetic judgement.

Marc Falkenberg
Dissertation: "The Poetical Uncanny. A Study of Early Modern Fantastic Fiction" (2000)
Position: English and Film Studies Teacher, Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, IL
Select Publications: Rethinking the Uncanny in Hoffmann and Tieck (Peter Lang, 2005)

Marcos Piason Natali
Dissertation: "The Politics of Nostalgia: An Essay on Ways of Relating to the Past" (2000)
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Select Publications: A política da nostalgia: Um estudo das formas do passado (São Paulo: Nankin, 2006)

Kamilla Kinyon
Dissertation: "Models of Exile: Koestler, Nabokov, Kundera" (2000)
Position: University of Denver, Marsico Writing Lecturer; previous position in English and American Studies, Western Michigan University

Craig J. Luchsinger
Dissertation: "The Decay of the Real: Oe Kenzaburo and the Reinvention of Literary Heterodoxy" (1999)
Publications: "A White Paper on the Impact of Project Semiotics: Implementing AceReader Software and E-books to Raise Standardized Reading Scores" (online publication at
Position: Teacher at Kuspuk School District, Alaska, and Primary/Secondary Education Consultant

Sher-Shiueh Li
Dissertation: "Towards a Missionary Poetics in Late Ming China: The Jesuit Appropriation of 'Greco-Roman' Lore Through the Medieval Tradition of European Exempla" (1999)
Position: Associate Research Fellow (tenure-track), Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Nanking, Tapie City, Taiwan; Joint Associate Professor, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (2006-)
Select Publications: "Exemplum and Apadana: Buddhist Influences on the Chinese Writings of Late-Ming Jesuits," Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica (2001), winner of the Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators (2003); Reviewing Tawain: A Literary Chronicle, 191-2003 (2004), winner of United Daily's Books of the Year, 2004; Late Ming China and European Literature (in Chinese) (Academia Sinica Press/Linking Publishing, 2005), winner of the Academia Sinica Investigator Award (2006)

Daniel A. Burland
Dissertation: "Invention, Imitation and Poetic Voice in the Works of François Villon, Clément Marot and Joachim Du Bellay" (1998)
Position: Assistant Professor of Criminology, University of Saint Mary; previously sergeant in US. military, stationed in Afghanistan until Feb. 2004; High School French/Spanish teacher from 2004 until Fall 2005

Laura Raidonis Bates
Dissertation: "Shakespeare in Latvia: The Contest for Appropriation During the Nationalist Movement, 1884-1918" (1998)
Position: Associate Prof. of English, Indiana State University (Terre Haute) (specialization in Children's Lit)

James St. André
Dissertation: "History, Mystery, Myth: A Comparative Study of Narrative Strategies in The Baijia Gongan and The Complete Sherlock Holmes" (1998)
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Select Publications: “How the Chinese Lost ‘Face’.” Journal of Pragmatics 55 (Sept 2013): 68-85. James St. André and Peng Hsiao-yen, eds., China and Its Others: Transforming Knowledge through Translation: 1829-2010. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2012. (editor) Thinking through Translation with Metaphors. Manchester:  St. Jerome Press, 2010;  “The Development of British Sinology and Changes in Translation Practice:  The Case of Sir John Francis Davis (1795-1890)” Translation and Interpreting Studies 2, no. 2 (Autumn 2007):  3-42; “Reading Court Cases from the Song and the Ming:  Fact and Fiction, Law and Literature.”  In Robert Hegel and Katy Carlitz, editors, Writing and Law in Late Imperial China:  Crime, Conflict, and Judgment.  St. Louis:  Washington University Press, 2007: 189-214;  “He ‘catch no ball’ leh!  Globalisation versus localisation in the Singaporean translation market.” Meta 51, no. 4 (Dec 2006): 771-786;  “Revealing the Invisible:  Heterolingualism in Three Generations of Singaporean Playwrights .”  Target 18, no. 2 (2006): 139-61; “Traveling Toward True Translation:  The First Generation of Sino-English Translators.” The Translator 12, no. 2 (2006): 1-22; “’You Can Never Go Home Again’:  Cultural Memory and Identity Formation in the Writing of Southeast Asian Chinese”.  Journal of Chinese Overseas 2, no. 1 (May 2006): 33-55;  “‘But do they have a notion of Justice?’  Staunton’s 1810 translation of the Penal Code.”  The Translator  10, no. 1 (April 2004):  1-32; Reprinted in Critical Concepts: Translation Studies, 4 volumes, edited by Mona Baker, London & New York: Routledge.(2009)

Hsiu-Ling Lin
Dissertation: "Reconceptualizing British Modernism: The Modernist Encounter with Chinese Art" (1999)
Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, National Taiwan Normal University

Peter Struck
Dissertation: "Reading Symbols: Traces of the Gods in the Ancient Greek-Speaking World" (1997)
Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Classics, University of Pennsylvania
Select Publications: Birth of the Symbol: Ancient Readers at the Limits of Their Texts (Princeton UP, 2004)

Yaseen Noorani
Dissertation: "Visionary Politics: Self, Community and Colonialism in Arabic and Persian Neoclassical Poetry" (1997)
Position: Associate Professor, Arabic/Persian Language & Literature, School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, University of Arizona
Select Publications: "The Lost Garden of al-Andalus: Islamic Spain and the Poetic Inversion of Colonialism", IJMES 31 (1999): 237-254; "The Rebellious Subject: Political Self-Refashioning in Arabic and Persian Poetry of the Colonial Period", Journal of Arabic Literature XXIX (1998): 1-30; "A Nation Born in Mourning: The Neoclassical Funeral Elegy in Egypt," Journal of Arabic Literature XXVIII (1997): 38-67.

David Thompson
Dissertation: "Criticism and the Vichy Syndrome: Charles Maurras, T.S. Eliot and the Forms of Historical Memory" (1997)
Position: Non-profit and Cultural Consultant, Greater Omaha Area; Member of Board of Directors, Restoration Exchange Omaha.

Susanne Kawatsu
Dissertation: "Love and Reform. Johann Christoph Gottsched and Die Deutsche Schaubuehne" (1996)

Lidia Z. Bilas
Dissertation: "A Bibliographic Survey of Translations in the Lincke Collection at the University of Chicago" (l994)

John Chaimov
Dissertation: "'A Masonic Lodge of Literature': Popular and Private Discourse in the European Reception of the French Revolution" (l994)
Position: Chair of Department of Foreign Languages and Director of the International Studies Program, Coe College. The latter position includes teaching human rights and facilitating contacts between students and refugees on site, e.g. on the Thai/Burmese border, and locally, in Northern Iowa.
Select Publications: "Hummel Figurines: Molding a Collectible Germany," Journal of Material Culture (March 2000)

"I feel very lucky to have been part of the Comp Lit program. I love that the diversity of interests among my fellow students and faculty lend a mutually supportive atmosphere to the whole enterprise. That encouragement in turn gives students the green light to explore widely. . . .I currently get to teach about equal quantities of German, Anthropology, and Gender Studies, something I never would have had the nerve to do without Comp Lit's coat-of-many-colors ethos." --Dr. John Chaimov

Peter Bornedal
Dissertation: "The Interpretations of Art" (l994)
Position: Associate Professor, American Univ. of Beirut
Select Publications: The Surface and the Abyss: Nietzsche as Philosopher of Mind and Knowledge (De Gruyter Press, 2010). Speech and System (Copenhagen, 1997); The Interpretations of Art (New York: University Press of America, 1996)

Karin L. Badt
Dissertation; "The Ethics of the Body in American and Italian Women's Fiction: A Study of Sylvia Plath, Natalia Ginsburg, Dacia Maraini, Milena Milani"( l994)
Position: Associate Professor of Cinema at University of Paris VIII
Select Publications: numerous children's books; lots of talks/conference papers in France; currently working on fiction and magazine journalism

"Enjoyed U of C Comp Lit very much; enjoyed even more transforming that experience into a whole new discipline (cinema) in a new country and academic system. U of C was a good training field." --Dr, Karin L. Badt

Lynda Hoffman-Jeep
Dissertation: "Feminist Intertextuality: Fiction by Contemporary Argentine and German Women Writers" (l994)
Position: Teacher of World Languages at Ursuline Academy
Select Publications: "Das Giftmädchen: Von Indien bis zum Christian Dior-Parfum" ["The Poison Maiden: From India to Christian Dior Perfume"], in Schnittpunkte der Kulturen [Cultural Crossroads] (Stuttgart: Academischer Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz, 1998), pp. 291-30l; (coauthored), "Frida Kahlo in 'Gringolandia': Fashioning National Identity," Woman's Art Journal 19: 8-12.

Cecile Leung [Hang King]
Dissertation: "The Language of the 'Other': Etienne Fourmont (l683-l745) Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic in Pre-Enlightenment France" (l993)
Position: Associate Professor of French, Dept. of Modern Languages, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina
Select Publications: Etienne Fourmont (1684-1745) Oriental and Chinese Languages in Eighteenth-Century France (Louvain: Leuven University Press, 2002).

"In Comp. Lit. sometimes you do not know where you belong because you have no department of your own but one thing saves the situation: professors know the students well and you know you cannot get lost! I remember fondly all my professors and advisors." --Dr. Cecile Leung

Elizabeth A. Drumm
Dissertation: "The Comedias Barbaras of Valle-Inclán: Shifting Boundaries in Early 20th Century Drama" (l993)
Position: Associate Professor, Reed College, Portland
Select Publications: Painting on Stage: Visual Art in Twentieth-Century Spanish Theater (Bucknell University Press: 2010). "'... To Return to the Origin': Valle-Inclán's Comedias Bárbaras and Gaudi's Sagrada Familia," in Nuevas perspectivas sobre el 98, ed. John P. Gabriele (Madrid and Frankfurt, 1999); "Valle-Inclán's Acotador: Bridging the Gap between the Moment of Creation and the Moment of Production," Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea 22, no. 3 (1997): 449-67.

Jessica S. Berman
Dissertation: "Narrating the Historical: Constructions of Community in the Work of Four Modern Novelists" (l993)
Position: Professor of English, Affiliate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, and Affiliate Professor of Language, Literacy and Culture at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Select Publications:  Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics and Transnational Modernism (Columbia University Press, 2011);  Modernist Fiction, Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Community (Cambridge University Press, 2001, paper 2006. Editor of A Companion to Virginia Woolf (Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming in 2015); co-editor of the Columbia University book series on  Modernist Latitudes and of the of the ACLA’s Report on the State of the Discipline.

Aida O. Azouqa
Dissertation: "Sir Walter Scott and British Orientalism, l800-l825" (l993)
Position: Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of English and the Faculty of Modern Languages at the University of Jordan
Select Publications: The Circassians in the Imperial Discourse of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tolstoy (Amman: University of Jordan, 2004).

Linda Carole Byrd
Dissertation: "Elena Poniatowska and the Literary Collage" (l992)

William Brittain Smith
Dissertation: "Heinrich Kleist: Spiderwebs Over the Abyss" (1991)

Kathleen M. Mullaney
Dissertation: "Rene Char and Martin Heidegger: The Anomaly of Friendship" (l992);
Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor at Dominican University

Daniel N. Tiffany
Dissertation: "Corpse and Mirror: The Crypt Aesthetic of Ezra Pound" (l990)
Position: Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California
Select PUBLICATONS: Neptune Park (poems) (Richmond: Omnidawn, 2013). Infidel Poetics (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009). Radio Corpse: Imagism and the Cryptaeasthetic of Ezra Pound (Harvard University Press, 1995); Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric (University of California Press, 2000)

Michael N. Salda
Dissertation: "The Old French forest of Darnantes and Malory's Foreyste Perelus: A Study in Sources and Changing Forms of Narrative" (1988)
Position:  Professor of English, University of Southern Mississippi
Select Publications: "Arthurian Animation at Century's End," in King Arthur and Popular Culture, ed. Elizabeth S. Sklar and Donald L. Hoffman (McFarland, 2002); "When Women Learn to Write in Old French Prose Romance," in Philogies Old and New: Essays in Honor of Peter Florian Dembowski, ed. Joan Tasker Grimbert and Carol J. Chase (Edward C. Armstrong Monographs, 2001); The Malory debate: Essays on the texts of Le morte Darthur, ed. with Bonnie Wheeler and Robert L. Kindrick (D.S. Brewer, 2000); "William Faulkner's Arthurian Tale: Mayday," Arthuriana 4, no. 4 (1994 Winter): 348-75; "What Really Happens in Cather's 'Paul's Case'?" Studies in Short Fiction 29, no. 1 (1992); "Pages from History: The Medieval Palace of Westminster as a Source for The Dreamer's Chamber in the Book of the Duchess," Chaucer Review 27 (1992): 111-25; "Reconsidering Vinaver's Sources for Malory's 'Tristram'," Modern Philology 88 (1991): 373-81.

John Wesley Fawell
Dissertation: "'The Midmost Heart of Sorrow': Tennyson's Worship of Sorrow" (1988)
Position: Associate Professor of Humanities and Rhetoric, Boston University
Select Publications: Hitchcock's Rear Window: The Well-Made Film (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2001); "Eric Rohmer's Oppressive Summers," The French Review 66, no. 5 (1993): 777-87; "The Total Act: A Reading of Paul Valéry's L'Ame et la danse," Dalhousie Review 72, no. 3 (1992): 368-80; other articles on film, classical literature ("Oedipus Rex"), and 19th-century English (Tennyson) and Russian (Tolstoy) literature

"I have almost nothing but fond memories of University of Chicago, where, oddly enough, I got my BA (General Studies in the Humanities), MA and Ph.D." --Dr John Wesley Fawell

Andrew Parker
Dissertation: "Re-Marx: Deconstructive Readings in Marxist Theory and Criticism" (1987)
POSTION: Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University
Select Publications: The Theorist’s Mother (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012); Co-Editor (with Janet Halley), After Sex? On Writing since Queer Theory, a special issue of the journal South Atlantic Quarterly 106:3 (Summer 2007); expanded book version from Duke UP (2011), 336 pp.; Co-Editor (with Austin Sarat and Martha Umphrey), Subjects of Responsibility: Framing Personhood in Modern Bureaucracies (New York: Fordham UP, 2011); Jacques Ranciere, The Philosopher and his Poor (Durham: Duke University Press, 2004)

Joseph Pucci
Dissertation: "Anonymous Splendors: Essays on Allusiveness in Classical and Medieval Literature" (1987)
Position:  Professor of Classics and in the Program in Medieval Studies;  Professor of Comparative Literature, Brown University
Select Publications: The Full-Knowing Reader: Allusion and the Power of the Reader in the Western Literary Tradition (Yale U. Press, 1998); Medieval Latin, second ed. (U. of Chicago Press, 1997); many articles and book reviews on later and medieval Latin language and literature (and classical Latin also).

Catherine Jaffe
Dissertation: "The Reader in the Modern Lyric Poem: The Role of the Reader in the Poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez, Fernando Pessoa, and W.B. Yeats" (1987)
Position: Professor, 18th-20th Century Spanish and Comparative Literature; Gender and Reading, Texas State University
Select Publications: Eve's enlightenment : women's experience in Spain and Spanish America, 1726-1839 / edited by Catherine M. Jaffe and Elizabeth Franklin Lewis (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2009); "Excavations: History and the Woman Reader in the Work of Carmen Martìn Gaite." Cuento de nunca acabar/Never-Ending Story, ed. Kathleen Glenn and Lissette Rolon-Collazo (Boulder, CO: Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, 2002); "From Les Précieuses ridicules to Las preciosas ridiculas: Ramón de la Cruz's Translation of Molière and the Problems of Cultural Adaptation," Dieciocho 24.1 (Spring 2001): 1-22; "Suspect Pleasure: Writing the Woman Reader in Eighteenth-Century Spain." Dieciocho 22.1 (Spring 1999): 35-59; "Patterns of Fiction and Desire: Childhood Reading in Carmen Martìn Gaite's Retahìlas," MLN 112 (1997): 182-200

Tim Redman
Dissertation: "Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism" (1987)
Position: Professor of Literary Studies, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas
Select Publications: " Opere recenti su Pound economista: Accame, Marsh, e Surette," in Ezra Pound e l'economia, ed. Luca Gallesi (Milano: Edizioni Ares, 2002); "Pound's Politics and Economics" in The Cambridge Companion to Pound (1999); "Pound's Debt to Dante", in Dante e Pound, ed. Maria Luisa Ardizzone (Ravenna : Longo, 1998); "Ezra Pound al Wabash College", in Ezra Pound Educatore, ed. Luca Gallesi (Milan: Terzaria, 1997); Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism (New York: Cambridge UP, 1991)