Elvin Meng

Classics 116
Cohort Year: 2020
Research Interests: East Asian & European thought, media history & theory, translation, Manchu studies, history of linguistics & mathematics, modernism
Education: M.A. in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in English and Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University

Elvin received his degrees in English and Mathematics from the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland. His current research is methodologically informed by (though not necessarily loyal to) media archaeology, philology, and poststructuralist thought. Thematically, his inquiries center around comparative grammatology, multilingualism, media-induced temporalities, and esoteric modes of knowledge transmission.

A focal point for Elvin’s research is emic theorizations of Chinese-to-Manchu translation during the Qing, a rich discursive field that assembles intellectual-historical currents as diverse as music theory in early China, Sanskrit pedagogy in medieval East Asian Buddhism, grammatological theses in the encyclopedia of Zheng Qiao (1104-1162), and the cosmic aspirations of the Brahmic ‘Phags-pa script. Other focal points include the phenomenology of (re)reading Anglophone modernist literature, material histories of telepathic and clairvoyant communication, and technical media in contemporary East Asia.

Elvin’s broader interests include Mahāyāna and Esoteric Buddhist philosophy, embodied histories of mathematics, guqin music, and the ontological turn.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant (Johns Hopkins):

AS.110.212 Honors Linear Algebra

AS.110.202 Calculus III

AS.110.109 Calculus II


“Reintroducing the Sirens’ Fugue” forthcoming.

“Viral Text: Translation, Censorship, Community” forthcoming.