Natalie Cortez Klossner

Classics 116
Cohort Year: 2020
Research Interests: Ecopoetics, Ecofeminism, and Environmental Humanities, Autotheory and Autofiction, Horror Fiction and Philosophy, Literature and Anthropology, Latino and Comparative American Literature
Education: MAPSS, University of Chicago, 2019 BA, New York University, 2018

I am currently thinking, researching, and writing about literary and aesthetic representations of ecology, especially entanglements like waste, consumption, and deep time, in the work of 20th-century conceptual Luso-Brazilian, Andean, and Southern Cone poets, artists, and critics. In the past, I have published research on 1970s poetics and politics of air and plastic in counterculture Bay Area performance art, New Spain botanical paintings, and a work of fictocriticism on Lovecraftian horror and Indigenous Amazonian mythos. As a literary scholar, I am interested in the theory and practice of experimental writing modes, like autotheory, autoethnography, fictocriticism.