Current Doctoral Students 2016-2017

Michal Peles Almagor
Track 1: Hebrew and German
Research interests: 19th- and 20th century modern Hebrew and German literatures, Jewish studies, modernism, theater studies, critical theory, exile and migration.  
Teaching experience: Teaching Assistant (A Historical Introduction to Hebrew Literature in the 18th- and 19th Centuries, Ben Gurion University; Great Books, Big Screen, Sapir College)
Publications: “Between Hope and the Abyss: Identity Crisis and Void in Nissim Aloni’s The American Princess," The Quarterly of Contemporary Theater 34, 99-106. [Hebrew]

Chloe Blackshear
Track II: Biblical studies and Literature
Dissertation Title: Between the Figure and the Text: David Stories in Late 20th Century Prose
Research Interests: Hebrew Bible, biblical narrative, character, intertextuality, rewriting, adaptation, world literature, critical fictions.
Teaching Experience: Writing Intern (Humanities Core: Readings in World Lit); Course Assistant (Hamlet and Critical Methods, Intro to Comparative Lit I: Problems, Methods, Precedents); Tutor in the Writing Program

Megan Boatright
Track II: Literature and visual culture
Research interests: critical animal studies; modernism and spatial metaphor; ecofeminism; disability studies
Teaching experience: Course Assistant (Dr. David Bevington: History and Theory of Drama, Winter 2013 and 2015; Dr. Loren Kruger: Brecht and Beyond, Winter 2014); Intern with Writing Program (Media Aesthetics, begun Autumn 2014)

Alia Breitwieser
Track II: Literature and Art History
Research Interests: Chinese narrative traditions; Ethics of interpretation; Phenomenology of place and space; Ming-Qing transition;  Philosophy of history
Teaching Experience: Course Assistant (History and Theory of Drama I)

Sam Catlin
Track II: Literature & Religion
Research Interests: Bible; hermeneutics; literary and critical theory; 16th- and 17th-century English literature; Reformation theology; Jewish studies; iconoclasm; political and legal theory; politics of the American university.
Christopher Clarke
Yael Flusser
Nana Holtsnider
Track I: Dutch and English
Research Interests: Colonial and travel literature in the Dutch, British, and French empires; children's literature; aesthetics, visual culture, and film studies
Dissertation Title: "Exotic, Yet Integral: Empire in Nineteenth-Century British and Dutch Juvenile Colonial Literature"
Teaching Experience: Writing Intern in the Humanities Core
Ana Ilievska
Track I: Italian and Luso-Brazilian Literatures
Dissertation Title: Sounding Texts, or What We Hear When We Read: The Sonic Dimension of Italian and Portuguese Fiction in the Age of Industrialization
Teaching Experience: Language Assistant: Elementary and Advanced German (2008-2009, Brescia, Italy); Advanced Portuguese (Spring 2015); Beginning to Intermediate Italian (Winter 2016). Course Assistant: Renaissance Demonology (Spring 2016); Brazilian Avant-Gardes (Winter 2017). 
Awards/Fellowships: Markelstiftung Begabtenförderung (2009-2013); FLAS for Portuguese (Summer 2014), Academic Year (2015-2016); CLAS Tinker Field Research Grant (Brazil, Summer 2014); Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace (Middlebury Italian Graduate Program, Summer 2015); Fundação Eça de Queiroz Scholarship (Portugal, Summer 2016).
Publications and Research Interests:
Cody Jones
Joint PhD with the Divinity School (Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture)
Track II: Literature and Philosophy
Research Interests: Anthropocene studies; futurism/future studies; nonhuman studies; lyric poetry; theory-fiction; the philosophical novel;  history of criticism and theory; history of continental philosophy; modern theology; theory of the virtual; media studies; deep media; technology and literature; alternate modernisms; English, Scandinavian, and French Modernism & avant-garde, postmodernism, and contemporary experimental literature; fictional religions; contemporary critical theory; everydayness; horror; occultism and mysticism; anti/non-philosophy; wild psychoanalysis; cybernetics; speculative fiction and philosophy; xenophenomenology; history of astronomy; failure; evil; maximalism; CCRU; Kierkegaard; Badiou; Lacan.
Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant: (On Book Reviewing, CUNY Graduate Center); Kurosawa and His Sources (Spring 2017); The Nuclear Age (Fall 2017); The Underground (Winter 2018)
Professional websites and CV:
Austin Jung
Track II: Literature and Art History
Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century Russian literature; modern Latin American literatures; history of the novel; modernism; history of painting; urban studies; historical linguistics; linguistics and intellectual history; artificial/artistic languages.
Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant in CMLT 20109 Comparative Methods in the Humanities (Winter 2017); REES 20013 Dostoyevsky (Winter 2017).
Samuel Lasman
Track I: Persian, French, & Celtic
Research Interests: Persian literature, especially late Middle Persian and Classical Persian; French literature, especially medieval; Welsh and Irish literatures; medieval narratives and considerations of the past; premodern cultural exchange; the role of myth, history, and romance in the construction of national literatures and identities.
Miguel Llanos de la Guardia

Megan Macklin
Track II: Literature and Sciences of the Mind
Dissertation Topic: Realism in contemporary American and German young adult fiction
Research Interests: Young adult literature, cognitive approaches to literature, literary and narrative pedagogies, trauma and memory studies
Teaching Experience: Preceptor, B.A. Project & Workshop: Comp. Literature (2015-2016); Course Assistant, A Hero and a Fool: Don Quixote and its Impact on Art and Literature (Spring 2015), History and Theory of Drama 2 (Winter 2015), Introduction to Comp. Lit. I: Problems, Methods, Precedents (Autumn 2013); Writing Intern in the Humanities Core

David Orsbon
Joint PhD in Comparative Literature and Classics
Track II: Literature and Philosophy
Research Interests: Nature and allegory from the pre-Socratics to the Renaissance; the concept of nature; ecology, eco-criticism, and ecolinguistics; the intersection of philosophy and literary criticism from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance; the reception and influence of Classical and Late Antique philosophy and literary criticism from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance; Neo-Platonism in the Middle Ages and Renaissance; the history of criticism, especially the history of allegorical criticism; medieval theology and biblical hermeneutics; vernacular poetry in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; Medieval and Renaissance Humanism; Renaissance Epic.
Teaching Experience: Instructor, Summer Intensive Intermediate Latin 202 (2017); Instructor, Introductory Latin 102 (2017); Instructor, Intermediate Latin 201 (2016); Instructor, Introductory Latin 101 (2016); Course Assistant, Summer Intensive Intermediate Ancient Greek (2016); Instructor, "Allegory in the Western Literary Tradition" (2016); Course Assistant, Intermediate Latin I (2015); Course Assistant, Intensive Introductory Latin I (2015); Course Assistant, Intensive Introductory Latin I (2015); Teaching Assistant for History and Theory of Drama I (2014); Teaching Assistant for History and Theory of Drama II (2014); Teaching Assistant for Renaissance Epic (2013).
Publications: "Bede's Sacred Order: Schemes and Tropes in the Historia Ecclesiastica: Part I." The American Benedictine Review 62.1 (March 2011): 3-26; "Bede's Sacred Order: Schemes and Tropes in the Historia Ecclesiastica: Part II." The American Benedictine Review 62.2 (June 2011): 125-42; “The Universe as Book: Dante’s Commedia as an Imprint of the Divine Mind.” Dante Studies 132 (2014); "Experiential Exegesis: A Study of Richard of Saint-Victor's Benjamin minor." In Restoration through Contemplation: New Approaches to the Victorines, Turnhout: Brepols (Forthcoming, 2017).
Edited Volumes: Restoration through Contemplation: New Approaches to the Victorines, Turnhout: Brepols (Forthcoming, 2017)
Dissertation: "The Person of Natura: The Evolution of an Ecological Idea in Late Antiquity and the Latin Middle Ages"

Stephen Parkin
Track II: Rhetoric and Philosophy
Dissertation Title: Figuring the Tragic: Tragic Exempla in Philosophical Essays of Consolation
Research Interests: History and theory of rhetoric, moral philosophy, and tragedy; the essay and autobiography.
Teaching Experience: B.A. Preceptor (UChicago). Instructor (UChicago), "Private Lives, Public Intellectuals: On The Philosophical Essay." Lector in the Writing Program (UChicago), multiple courses. Course Assistant (UChicago), "History and Theory of Drama I" and "Introduction to Comparative Literature I." Lecturer of English (Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China), 12 classes in English language and culture.
Honors and Awards: Award for Excellence in Course Design (Chicago Center for Teaching, 2014). Francis X. Kinahan Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing (Writing Program, 2014). Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (U.S. Dept. of Ed., 2011-15). Lois R. and Maurice J. Beznos Fellowship in Comparative Literature (2010-2015).
Nory Ann Peters
Track II: Literature and Philosophy
Research Interests: 20th- and 21st- century German and American literatures; critical theory; Marxism; the politics of form; affect theory; refugee narratives; political theory; human rights; critical animal studies.

Evelyn Richardson

Claudio Sansone
Ad hoc Joint Degree with Classics (Program in Classical Languages and Literatures)
Track II: Comparative Literature and Anthropology/Archaeology
Research Interests: Comparative Mythology and the Analysis of Ideologies, Traditions, Cultures; Long Walks on Beaches
Teaching Experience: Language Assistant in Italian (Autumn 2016); Teaching Assistant in Translation and Translation Theory (Spring 2017)
Recent Awards/Fellowships: Member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Summer Session) 2016; Ryerson Fellowship 2016; Daniel Shorey Fellowship 2016.
Publications: Forthcoming: "John Berryman's 'Poundian Inheritance' and the Epic of 'Synchrisis'" in John Berryman: A Centenary Celebration; "Salvadori's Orfeo: Going Astray / Amid the Flowers'" in Translation Ireland.
Anthony Stott
Research Interests: 20th century U.S., Russian, and Japanese literatures; postcolonial studies; comparative modernisms; poetry and poetics; reception studies; Marxism; critical theory.
Teaching experience: Teaching Assistant, Literature of the Fantastic (Brown University, 2015).
Awards/Fellowships: Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace (Middlebury Japanese Program, Summer 2017).
Trevor Tucker
Track I: English, French, German
Research Interests: French Renaissance and Enlightenment; 18th- and 19th-century novel; modern philosophy.
Nicholas Wong
Track II: Literature and Philosophy
Dissertation Title: Genealogies of Cold War Mahua Literary History
Research Interests: Global Chinese literature, philosophical aesthetics, East/West comparative poetics, media and modernity in China and Southeast Asia.
Teaching Experience: Instructor (Aesthetics and Politics in Southeast Asian Fictions); Teaching Assistant (Intro to East Asian Civ: Vietnam; Intro to East Asian Civ: Korea; History and Theory of Drama I); Language Assistant (Elementary Modern Chinese).
Publications: "The Imaginative Materialism of Wen in Ng Kim Chew's Malayan Communist Writing" in Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, March 2017.