Balkan Folklore

CMLT 23301/33301 Balkan Folklore

REES 39009 CMLT 23301, ANTH 35908, NEHC 30568, CMLT 33301, ANTH 25908, NEHC 20568,

Vampires, fire-breathing dragons, vengeful mountain nymphs. 7/8 and other uneven dance beats, heart-rending laments and a living epic tradition.This course is an overview of Balkan folklore from historical, political and anthropological, perspectives. We seek to understand folk tradition as a dynamic process and consider the function of different folklore genres in the imagining and maintenance of community and the socialization of the individual. We also experience this living tradition first-hand through visits of a Chicago-based folk dance ensemble, “Balkan Dance.”


All readings will be in English. If one has a background in the Balkans, then it will make the course easier but it is not required.

Angelina Illeva
2019-2020 Winter