Sam Lasman

Classics 116

Committee: Franklin Lewis (chair); Daisy Delogu; Michael Sells

Cohort Year: Autumn 2014

Bio: My work focuses on depictions of the past in Middle Eastern and European medieval literature, particularly in the Iranian world and the British Isles. Primary interests include the role of the marvelous/supernatural/uncanny in works set in the past; the role of historical/fantastical narratives in shaping identity in the medieval period and beyond; and considerations of subjectivity in accounts of the past. I am a Chicago Center for Teaching Fellow for 2018-19, and a recipient of a Summer 2018 FLAS Fellowship for the study of Arabic in Amman, Jordan. ­­

Workshops: Persian Circle/Anjoman-e Sokhan (Coordinator, 2018-19), Animal/Non-Human Studies (Co-coordinator, 2018-19); Medieval Studies (Co-coordinator, 2016-17)

Subject Areas/Research Clusters/Field of Study: Track 1. National Literatures: Persian, French, and Celtic Literatures.

Research interests: Animal/Non-Human/Monster Studies; premodern understandings of the past; premodern cross-cultural exchange and interaction.

Teaching Experience: Uncanny Encounters in Global Medieval Literature (Instructor, Fall 2018); Elementary Persian 1, 2, & 3 (Language Assistant, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, & Spring 2018); Self-Creation as a Philosophical and Literary Problem (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2017)

Education B.A., Modern Middle Eastern Studies and Theater Studies, Yale University, 2012.